My First Tooth

Makes you wish for a front porch, a sunset, and a song of your own to sing, that could match ‘Honesty Honestly’ for its beauty…” – Artrocker

“…a seriously impressive showing.” – The Fly

“A full-on blast of raucous folk-pop that’s all hoedown and no slowdown, Orchards was one of our favourite singles of the summer” – The Word

“…‘My First Tooth and The Rubies’ is a folk-pop classic in the vein of John P Strohm or Fingers Cut Megamachine, brimming with heart and character – and it points to a great future for Northampton’s finest singer-songwriter. 5/5″ – Big Cheese

“…lovely, happy, jaunty…” – Bethan Elfyn, Radio 1

“They’re a lively little bunch” – Zoe Ball, Radio 2

“…grand and ambitious…9/10” – thefourohfive

“If you ever get the chance to see them live I recommend selling your first born child to do so, so much fun.” – The Ruckus

“…I was blown away with the sheer energy and joy running through this band’s music. It’s quite invigorating to listen to a band with clear musicianship that loves what they’re doing.” – Bitterfingers

“This record works…8.4/10” – thewhiteboardproject

“It’s a damn fine record…” – LineofBestFit

“Exuding bags of energy, they brought some light-hearted folk-rock into the mix, complete with violins and harmonicas. As a band they were incredibly likeable, and carried out the fast-paced instrument swapping seamlessly. It was all I could do to stop myself dancing and instigating an impromptu hoedown.” – NoizeMakesEnemies, SWN Festival 2010

“…pop-folk at its best.” – thegizzlereview, Manchester Oct 2010

“…robust and joyous boy-girl county-folk hoedowns such as Orchards grabbed the audience buy the balls and led them to the drunken village barn dance for a romp in the hay.” – breakingmorewaves, ITC 2010

“Other bands – be more like My First Tooth. They’re awesome.” – Heckler Spray

“…one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a long time. Excellent stuff” –

“…ace…” – Dave Gorman

“…e a real quirky kick in the backside…” –

“Simultaneously rough and delicate, MFT make music that’ll quietly ravage your heart, then give it a gentle stroke better. Killer pretty stuff” – Marsha Shandur, XFM

“…truly lovely…stunning!” –

“…a triumphant victory parade…” – Zombie Attack!

“All things permitting, this lot should be a force to be reckoned with soon. In an ideal world, they already would be.” – NoiseMakesEnemies

“…there is no doubt that this record is exploding with talent.” –

“Highly recommended. 4/5″ –

“Sensational…” –

“…hinting at Beirut orchestrations and Bright Eyes melancholy whilst maintaining a distinctly British identity…impressive…”

“…an impressively accomplished debut…gorgeous” –

“…Their emotional alt-folk/country takes the Wilco expansive route, lushly decorated with pedal steel, harmonica, horns and strings, fitting in just as well with the post-Neutral Milk Hotel party (Decemberists, Okkervil River) and topped by Ross Witt’s yearning vocals” – Sweeping the Nation

“…so lush it’s the musical acousticy equivilent of diving into James’ giant peach.” – Beat Motel

“…lush and harmonious…” –

“…a veritable marathon of folk-fused modern day classics” –

“…a stellar live show…” – MusicIsMyRadar

A boy plays guitar and sings, a girl plays violin/melodica/bouzouki and sings and the whole thing is very, very lovely.” –

“…Acoustic guitars, violin, mouth organ, a fascinating and sometimes harrowing voice can conquer you…It’s a pure and honest music, that goes straight to your heart…” –